Course Location
  • Quail Hill Scout Reservation
    Manalapan, NJ
Course Dates
  • 2/27/2020 Kickoff Meeting
  • 5/15/202 END of early registration @ discount
  • 5/27/2020 REQUIRED  Meeting #1
  • 6/15/2020 End of Registration Forms DEADLNE
  • Sun. 06/28/2020 10:00(10a) thru
    Sat. 07/04/2020, 12:00
    (12p) COURSE, closing ceremony starts on 10am.

formsNYLT Forms ...

National Youth Leader Training is a week long leadership training program for boy leaders developed by the Boy Scouts of America and offered by the Scout Council.  The week long conference is designed to train the Scout and Venturer in team building and leadership in an outdoor experience.  Scoutmasters and Crew Advisors are encouraged to provide opportunities within the unit for application and use of leadership training learned at the conference so that the youth applies the skills he learned during the conference.  The course is conducted by a staff of volunteer Scouts and Venturers and adult advisors  selected by the Training Committee of the Monmouth Council.  NYLT is not another summer camp, but an intense, challenging, leadership experience. 

What are the Conference Objectives 1.  To give participants the confidence and knowledge to run the programs of their troop or crew. 
2.  To give participants a working knowledge of the eleven skills of leadership and help them relate these skills to their   responsibilities in their troop or crew. 
3.  To give participants the opportunity to share ideas and experiences and build new friendships with Scouts from other troops  and Venturers from other crews.
4.  To create an atmosphere where Scouts and Venturers will experience Scouting and Venturing at its best. 
5.  To enhance the relationship between the participant and their adult leaders and advisors.
6.  To have fun!
We must always remember that the training of leaders is the responsibility of the scoutmaster.  This conference is designed to support, not replace, the Scoutmaster's role in the training process.  Each scout who attends will do so as a representative of his home troop and will wear the uniform and insignia of his home troop.


The purpose of NYLT is to support the programs of the Scout's troop and the Venturer's crew.  The course will:

  • Give participants the confidence and knowledge to run the troop and crew program;
  • Give participants a basic knowledge of eleven leadership skills and how to apply them in their unit;
  • Provide an opportunity to experience Scouting and Venturing at its best; 
  • Allow participants to share ideas and experiences and build new friendships with Scouts from other troops and Venturers from othe crews.
  • Enhance the relationship between the participant their adult leaders and mentors; and
  • Be FUN!

To be eligible to attend a youth must:

  • Be at least 13 years old by December 31, 2019,
  • Have completed the 8th grade.
  • Scouts:  
    • Be a First Class Scout before the start of the course;
    • Have at least one long-term (week long) camping experience
    • Have attended Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops
  • Venturers:
    • Have attended Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews
    • Camping experience is recomended since the course is conducted in an outdoor camping setting
  • Currently hold or intend to hold a leadership position in the troop or crew and have the potential and desire to serve as Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, President or Vice President; 
  • Be recommended by his/her Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor to attend the course.
These prerequisites are set by the National Council and may not be waived. Experience has shown that Scouts who are not at least 13 years of age generally lack the maturity necessary to complete the NYLT course.
Registration Process

What is required to completely register and attend the course?
The first step is to complete the APPLICATION, filling in all the blanks and obtaining all the signatures and submitting that with the fee to the Monmouth Council BSA Service Center.

Completing the APPLICATION and paying the fee holds your slot until June 15.

There is a total of four (4) forms which must completed, signed and HARDCOPIES submitted to Monmouth Council BSA Service Center:
2. National BSA Medical Form 680-001-ABC-2019 signed by a licensed physician within 12 calendar months of the start of the course. HARCOPY with signatures required - Does NOT have to be original - Copy is highly recommended.
3. National BSA Consent Form. signed by parent or guardian within 12 calendar months of the start of the course. HARDCOPY with signatures required.
4. Code of Conduct - signed by the participant and a parent or guardian.
5. Medications Form (Optional) - side 1 is for perscription medications and side 2 is OPTIONAL for Over the Counter medications. Only required if medications are to be taken while on the course.

All forms must be submitted as hardcopies to the Monmouth Council Service Center.
Please DO NOT fax or scan and email forms to the Service Center or the Course Director. They will NOT be processed;  you could losing your place in the course and your registration fee.

All of the forms can be downloaded from this web site.


What is the cost for NYLT?

    For cost download the MCBSA NYLT Application for details.  The cost includes food, patrol camping equipment and training materials, T-shirt, mug and other typically "extra" items is also built into the course fee.  Many Troops and Crews provide full or partial scholarships for NYLT.  See your Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or unit committee for details.

How does a youth apply?

    Applications are available for download from this site.  To apply complete both sides of the application and give it to your Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor.  They must approve and sign your application. YOU responsible for sending it to the Council Service Center together with the registration fee.

What is the deadline?

    Deadline is May 15, 2020 for standard registration, June 15 is the last day registrations will be accepted.

    Medical and Consent forms plus full payment must be submitted to the Monmouth Council Service Center, attention NYLT by June 15, 2020. Please send a copy of the form and keep the original. Only the National BSA 4-part Medical form 680-001-ABC-2019 and the National BSA Consent form 19-673 will be accepted. NYLT is a National BSA training course for youth delivered at Monmouth Council BSA. 
    Note: The updated in 2019 Medical History Form is REQUIRED

For more information:

    Please review this web site and if you still have questions-
    Contact Mr. Fred Stringer,
    2020 Course Director

    call Council Office at 732-536-2347 (Your call will be returned with 2-4 days).